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annapolis-landscape-tv-16x16-copy1.jpgAnnapolis Landscape TV is devoted to bringing high definition videos of Annapolis, Maryland and the surrounding area to viewers approximately every two weeks. If you have ever visited Annapolis, want to visit, or have lived here, Annapolis Landscape TV will give you a high definition video window into the sights and sounds of Annapolis and the surrounding area. Follow new episodes as Charles Kraus films the area and presents a look into life into the greater Annapolis area.

All episodes are filmed in high definition and edited by Charles Kraus.
Charles orginally used a Sony HD Camcorder to film. Editing was originally done with Sony Vegas with New Blue plug-ins and currently is shot with a Nikon DSLR and produced with Apple Final Cut Pro X.

Episodes found here are also available on YouTube.

PLEASE NOTE: Recent changes to YouTube allow us to embed directly from that site for the convenience of playing and watching our video here on this blog site. While playing using the YouTube player, please notice in the bottom right hand side there is a setting that allows you to change from 360, 480 to 720p or 1080p HD. The higher the number, the higher the quality of the video, however the higher quality can slow playback depending on the video card of your computer and the bandwidth of your connection.

Visit our friends and view their videoblog sites! See our links page for the complete list.

Last, but not least, we give full acknowledgement to our friend Nick Lansley in London, England for total inspiration, encouragement and advice when we started our videoblog. Please visit Nick’s You Tube Channel London Landscape TV for exciting HD video tours of London, England. Catch up on back episodes and sign up for his new episodes.

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  1. Have you ever considered the Eastport Green Beer Races?

    Really local, great fun.

    The only vide I have found to date is of last year’s races on hometownannapolis.com


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