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John D Benson, Baltimore, Maryland Artist

John D Benson on FineArtAmerica.comJohn D Benson, Baltimore, Maryland Artist

Hi, my name is John D. Benson and I was born in Baltimore Maryland. I attended school in Baltimore County and studied at the Maryland Institute of Art. I have attended classes and workshops in Graz, Austria with Lou Rizzlo of North Western U. I have also had the privilege of studying with World Renowned Watercolor Artist ‘ Charles Reid in 2010 in the Baltics.

Comments by ‘Charles Reid’
‘John was in a class of mine on a Baltic Cruise. He is a delight to know, and his paintings capture whatever the subject matter is, beautifully. Anyone would be impressed looking at the paintings on his web site. John is a fine artist!’

I have the talent that allows me to capture the person in Portraiture. Knowing the person does not matter, I just seem to capture them in my art. My Heavenly Father has given me this skill and it has blessed many people. I thank Him for it, and hope I always use it to His glory.

BELOW See Information on Noted Artist Máire McSorley from Oxford, England

Maire McSorley – Exhibited & published artist, photographer, designer & videographer with 25 years experience. I use images to communicate mood, emotion, opinion & fact. I create every day and currently use digital tools.


My artwork style is deliberately in stark contrast to my photographic style; the former is mainly abstract expressionist & often challenging emotionally, whilst the latter is more impressionistic & uplifting. The two styles, side by side would portray an accurate view of who I am. Of course as an artist I attempt to represent my own view of the world, and as a photographer my view is through rose-tinted spectacles – literally – I own a pair! Form & realism have less importance for me in conveying my message. The vibrancy & joy of colour used well sets my heart racing; the clarity brought to an image by good use of light & shade makes me gasp in wonder and the balance of content & composition brings it all together for me in enhancing the overall impact.

Making art is my raison d’etre and I am thrilled when viewers get what I am trying to convey.

I work on large canvases, usually 3′ x 2′, and prints are a minimum of 300 dpi at this size. I use professional printers & framers and choose from a range of high quality papers to compliment & enhance the light & colour density in the image.

I also produce decorative art pieces.

I am a skilled visual editor.

Aside from producing fine art prints of my photography & artwork (some exhibited in public buildings), my commissioned & published work also includes:

music album artwork & design;
official music videos: content, design & production;
30 minute documentary video;
musicians’ promotional videos,
travel book photography;
book design;
biographical & commemorative videos;
art history videos;
poster & flyer design;
poster art & cards;
photo restoration & repair.

My work is available as fine art, limited edition, signed prints, up to 34″ x 24″ in size. Contact me for production options & prices.

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