Annapolis Landscape TV by Charles Kraus

Dec 22 2009

B & O Railroad Museum in Baltimore, MD

A visit to the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Museum in Baltimore, Maryland. See the Roundhouse with old steam engines and rail cars, along with the Christmas model train garden. The site is home to the first tracks laid for a railroad in the United States. The railroad’s name described the ultimate route, connecting The port of Baltimore with the Ohio River in then Wheeling, Virginia, now West Virginia. The rail service established a trade route from a port city to the nation’s interior, allowing the flow of goods and passengers for the young nation. There are many examples of engines, cars of all manner in the museum site which comprises 40 acres. The first track was laid here in 1828. The cornerstone was laid by Maryland resident Charles Carroll, the last living signer of the Declaration of Independence. Charles Carroll was a supporter of the creation of the railroad. He is known by how he signed the Declaration of Independence – he signed his name, Charles Carroll of Carrollton, so the King of England would hang the right man in case the revolution didn’t succeed. His home in Annapolis is still standing on the grounds of St. Mary’s Catholic Church.


  1. I liked the video although there were to be seen very few steam engins. They were just what I was looking for to see.

    Happy Christmas!

      • cwkraus on December 23, 2009 at 5:55 AM

      Thanks. Many of the engines are outside and tough to photograph as the site encompasses 40 acres. There’s alot to shoot and on this day I was there with my grandson and son-in-law, so the day belonged to my grandson. Perhaps I’ll be able to go back and do a follow-up shoot at a future date. There’s even a short train ride available over the very route of the first tracks that were laid. I included the website address of the museum and perhaps you might see some more photos there –

      There’s also a second site for the first terminus rail station which is still standing in Ellicott City, MD. –

      Glad you enjoyed it. Best wishes for 2010 and Happy Holidays!

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